Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter decorations

Two little milkglass dishes under a dome with some lovely eggs from my friend Rachel's farm. One of the little milkglass hens was a gift from the same sisters who gave me their rabbit that I told about in my last post. The other is a copy I found in an shop here in Portland. I was so thrilled to find a matching one. I remember eating poached eggs served in this little dish when I was a child.
I love this carrot egg tree. I hang Lindt chocolate carrots and eggs that are in the same color family on it. the carrot candles I have had for some and never can bring myself to burn them because they are so cute.

The little carrot toy tea set is perfect for the vignette. I always used this in my class room as a treat for someone who did their work well. It would go from desk to desk as an award.

These are more eggs on blooming branches.



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