Monday, June 30, 2008


We left our cottage at the inn and stopped at the Icefire Glassworks. Polly enjoyed watching James Kingwell create a lovely vase. She bought a clear glass "raindrop". (The only thing in her budget!)

After we had a hot drink at a gallery across the street from the glass studio, we went on north to Seaside.
Seaside is so different from Cannon Beach. There is more of a "boardwalk" feel to the place. Lots of tacky shops and arcades. Not our favorite place, but there is an old fashioned soda fountain. We stopped there and then started home. We watched the car's thermometer rise as we crossed the mountains.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Tomorrow we are making a break for the coast to escape the heat. It is being forecast that Portland will be 98˚, possibly 100˚!
Polly was given 2 nights at the Inn at Haystock Rock as a gift. (Haystock is at Cannon Beach) We are using it to avoid the expected heatwave. We will leave in the morning. Driving over early will avoid the inland heat. The coast is expecting to get up to 80˚, but will be in the mid to low 70's the rest of the week. The nights are always cool and we have a fireplace in our room. It has a kitchenette so we can have our breakfast and afternoon tea there. We plan to try the local seafood. We will explore the wonderful shops and do a little beach combing.

Here is a look at the Rock from the last time we stayed over there. Polly was trying out her new digital camera. Pretty good for the first try. After lots of practice, I expect even better shots this year.


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