Thursday, May 17, 2012

Afternoon tea v. "high tea"

 Yesterday I asked some friends to join me for afternoon tea. I made a special effort to provide a few extras beyond the snacks I usually make for everyday afternoon tea. I often hear Americans refer to afternoon tea as "high tea". That couldn't be further from the truth.
Let me put this terminology question to rest.

In England -

Afternoon tea:
   Tea with or without small light sandwiches, followed by one or more varieties of sweet treats.
buttered toasted tea ca
It may be a simple snack of tea with toasted tea cakes (a slightly sweet yeast bun with or without fruit) or toasted griddle cakes with or without yeast.

 Cream tea:
   Tea and scones (more like a slightly sweet American breakfast biscuit -  not  the American version of large sweet cookie-like cakes) served with
heavy, thick sweet cream and fruit, or clotted cream popular in the
West country, and jam. There is even debate there, between Cornwall and Devonshire as to whether the cream goes on first or on top of the jam.

 High tea or sometimes called "meat tea":
sausage roll
   Tea with sausage, sausage rolls,
individual pork pie
meat pies, or steaks, chops, or casserole with potatoes and other vegetables, and pudding (dessert).
In USA, it would be called "supper".

 I wonder if this might have been a misnomer started and perpetuated by shops that believe they can charge more for afternoon tea by advertising it with the grand title of "high" tea.
So you can have anything you want to eat with your tea, and call it what you want, but I thought I'd let you know what English Tea meals ...and don't get me started on whether it's milk in first or last! That's a whole other argument!!!
Now it's after 3:30 and I'm dying for a cup of tea.

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