Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Story with a happy ending

A few minutes ago I saw a local TV news van pull up outside. Hmmm, I wondered what was going on.

A couple of minutes later up pulled another station's van. Now I'm really getting interested!

The reporter and her cameraman got out and walked to the school bus stop. OK, what's this all about.

 I was so curious to know what was happening. They were interviewing a couple of the mothers who had just waved to their little ones as they left on the bus.
Well, I just couldn't wait until the next news broadcast, so I called the station and asked. They told me a little child had wonder off and there had been folks out looking for him. So many of these stories, these days, end in tragedy. I was glad when he told me the child had been found safe and was back home.
Happy ending!


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