Saturday, September 03, 2011


There is a huge fire in the Mt. Hood area east of Portland. We began to notice the smoke in the air this morning. As the East wind became stronger as the day went on, we noticed ash falling and the strong smell of smoke. This afternoon, it has become really strong.  I have shut all the windows, but it is still strong. It is going to be really hot (up to 95℉) for the rest of the week. We have had such a lovely cool Summer, but I'm thinking the weather gods are getting their revenge. We won't get any relief until the ocean breezes come back. With most people in Portland without AC, we're in for a bit of suffering.
We've had an unusually dry summer. Not a drop last month and well below average all summer.

Mt Hood through the smoke

Mt. Hood through the smoke of the Dollar Lake fire


Pondside said...

So sorry to read about this. Up here on Vancouver Island we live in fear of wildfire all summer. It may rain, but the woods are tinder dry. Two years ago we put a steel roof on the house, and that gave a little peace of mind. I hope you make it through the weekend without too much discomfort - sounds like a time to head away for the afternoon.

Sarah said...

Sorry to see this. Maybe you should plan a little get away to a little B&B or small inn with AC. ;-)
We couldn't survive without our AC. LOL
Take care! ~ Sarah


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