Thursday, September 01, 2011


Break out the Champagne and Caviar - It's September!
(Sorry I've lost the source of this picture, but it's too beautiful not to post)
Only a few more weeks and it will be, officially, Autumn. I've never liked summer or heat. I always look forward to Autumn every year. It is so beautiful here in the Northwest. The trees wear their most lush colors and the amazing varieties of fruit are ripe. The air is crisp, but with warm sun still shinning. As the season rolls on, the rains begin to replenish the many rivers and lakes. Snow on the mountains begins so that the skiers from all parts of the world congregate for some of the best skiing anywhere. It is the best time of the year.


Sarah said...

Did you say champagne? I'll be right there! ;-)
Happy September! ~ Sarah

Pondside said...

On the first day of September the sea fog rolled in here and it was very cold! Such an abrupt change of season.


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