Saturday, May 07, 2011

Ma mère

Kathering Korene La Brue
2½ yrs.  1919

I've always loved this picture of my mother when she was only 2½ years old. When I was that age I hardly had any hair at all. She had those beautiful, long, chestnut curls! Life's just not always fair. Her father was in his 60's when she was born and when all the other girls were having their hair bobbed, he wanted her to keep her long curls. Finally, when she started Jr. High, in 1929, he let her get it cut.
This is her mother.
Katherine Willamina DeWalt LaBrue, age 13 - 1888
Happy Mother's Day


lvroftiques said...

I see why you love these pictures of your mom so much. What a gorgeous little girl she was! And her mother too. The 1920's are my favorite time period and your mom is the perfect image of a 1920's beauty. Vanna


Such beautiful pics, I do love that kind of pics, I need to look for them too! Thank you for coming over and for the lovely comments. Have a wonderful MD today with all the love from your family.

Chari at Happy To Design said...


Ahhh...what lovely photos of your mother and grandmother! Thank you for sharing them with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party this past week! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, my friend!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Marlis said...

Absolutely lovely photos. Certainly treasures. A great tribute to your mom! thanks for dropping in today and leaving your very kind comments.

Emily said...

Oh how precious are your photos of your Mom. The pictures of her show she was a beautiful girl. Also a lovely photo of her mother. I have similar photos of my MIL on a post I did showing her quilts. I love your post.


lvroftiques said...

Priscilla I think the white matelasse and linen sound wonderful! Especially here in the dark Northwest. So light and fresh! When you finish them I want to see! Pleeeaaasseee??
Have you ever seen a knole sofa here? I looked for YEARS to find mine and one finally turned up at Pacific Gallery. I kept chattering to them about how happy I was to find one...I think they thought I was a complete nutter lol! Which when it comes ot antiques...I am! *winks* Vanna

Sarah said...

What precious photos of your mom through the years. I think old photos are such a joy.
Sorry I'm late arriving to these posts. My Blogger notification doesn't seem to be working for yours and several other blogs that I have on my Favorites List as well as the Blog Roll on my sidebar. New posts are not popping up. I'll need to check back often for new posts. Hope they get his fixed soon.
Have a great week. ~ Sarah


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