Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Old White Rabbit and Hen

When I was a very little girl, our next door neighbors were elderly sisters. They had taught school for many years In fact one of the ladies was my father's Latin teacher. He Graduated from Wichita High School in 1925. She had this old porcelain rabbit in her house. I always admired it and one Easter she gave it to me. It had been her mother's and now I have had it for over 60 years. It must be well over a hundred years old. It always comes out at Easter along with a sweet milk glass hen sitting on her nest, that was my grandmother's. She was born in 1875. She had eaten her poached egg from this dish as did I as a little girl. My first daughter wasn't too keen on eggs, but my younger one ate boiled or poached eggs for breakfast every morning. She had lots of different egg cups for her soft boiled breakfasts and this dear little hen sitting on her nest guarding a poached egg.

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Vintage Home said...

Well that is the sweetest little hen! She sure has the best story! Thanks for sharing this for us!

Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

That is the best story!!
How very, very special!!!

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

It's so sweet and adorable!!

We're dropping by from Good Life Wednesday and are enthusiastically following your blog now. :O) Please come by and visit us sometime - http://SallyLeeByTheSea.com

Angela said...

Your Easter bunny and hen are so precious, don't you wish they could talk and answer all your questions about how life was like more then a hundred years ago, all the little details.
I love your Easter table.

Martha said...

What a sweet rabbit and what a lovely little hen -- filled with memories!

Just a Girl said...

How neat that you've held onto that rabbit for so long; It isn't often that someone knows precisely where their antique articles have come from! It's always wonderful to own antiques with a sweet memory and story behind them.

I never knew that the little covered hens (I've seen similar ones before) were meant for poached eggs! I've never tried a poached egg, but now I want to.

Your easter eggs are beautiful as well, thank you for sharing so many pretty things!

Mickle in NZ said...

The rabbit and the hen are just lovely to look at, and so special given their backgrounds to you.

Sorry for the lapse in comments and contact - old laptop keeled over, is kaput. Getting newer cast off laptop from dear Dad going has been fine, just took me a while to sort out modems (yes, plural coz the first supposedly super model was a dud).

I'm fully back on line and am delighted to have remembered the name of your blog. Sending huggles and care,Michelle xxx

Fishtail Cottage said...

I too am in the Northwest, so you are probably so over this rain? Cute little bunny! I'll bet your having fun decorating your home for Easter while you wait for some sunshine? xoxo, Tracie

Nancy's Notes said...

What a precious little rabbit and hen! I love that you shared the story, that made it perfect, so sweet.

Happy I found your blog.

Nancy's Notes


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