Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Robins have a new home

This Christmas, I was given a pair of ceramic Robins from my dear friends, the Wolleys. I have put them in a small wooden cage in my bedroom. I've had it for some time. It was a gift from a student, and I have always had a living plant in it, until now. I think they look right at home in the little nest I gave them. What a sweet memory they provide.
In memory of the Montana Robins
Last year, while visiting their home on Flathead Lake in Montana, we watched a small drama take place directly below the windows of the second story library/living area called "The Sunset Room".
The view from the "Sunset Room"

The nest is in the first tree on the right
A robin had built a nest in one of the fir trees that border their flagstone terrace. 
4 little eggs
We watched it for several days as first one and then another of the eggs hatched.
One was never to hatch

One day the mother flew into one of the large windows of the house. We hoped she was only stunned, but sadly she was dead. The birdies were now alone in the world and would not survive. It put a bit of a pall over the next couple of days.
I learned that recently another robin has collided with the windows and has died. Oh, the hazards of flying.


Leland said...

Well done story, but sad, with photos. I will be sure Pat sees your blog.

Priscilla said...

Thanks, Leland. It was sad, but so exciting, too.

Martha said...

What a sad story --

But how clever of you to put the robins in the cage!

They look wonderful!

mary said...

What a pleasant surprise to see your blog back.Better than ever! I found it interesting and love all the nice pictures to go with the stories.The birds in the cage is especially cute.Thanks Priscilla............

Dr. Mabuse said...

Oh, those poor baby birds! I probably would have gotten a ladder and climbed up to try to rescue them. Amazing that you got such good pictures from such a distance, though!


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