Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quick Getaway

Last week Polly and I drove over to the coast. I had read about a sale at Mon Ami's Paris Flea in Florence, Oregon. It was spur of the moment, which is always such fun. We found a few nice things, had some great food, met some nice people, didn't see any whales at the whale watching place, saw beautiful cliffs, waves, skies, and rainbows.
Beautiful rocks exposed at low tide

Seagulls skimming the waves
 The weather was typical for this time of year. That is to say psychotic. One minute bright sun, the next, driving rain. Exciting to say the least.

Crab Pots

All along the coast we saw crab shacks boiling up the day's catch. We settled for fish and chips. Polly doesn't care for crab and I as much as I like it, I find  a whole crab way too much for one person.


We had brunch at a small cafe across from the marina in Newport. Have you ever seen a bigger pancake? Everything was delicious and house made. 

All Photos belong to Polly

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