Monday, January 07, 2013

Truth in Advertising

Well, have we all started our New Year's resolutions?
I had great intentions, and resolved to buy a new and more accurate (read: Shows the same weight as at the doctor's) scale.
Target's Sunday ad showed a variety of scales on sale. Ah ha! I told myself this was just the thing. So off I trot to our local Target. Sure enough, there were a dozen or more scales -  all on sale. Only thing was to choose the perfect one. I spied this beauty that just needed to go in my seashore themed guest bath. (and here) Sure I would have liked it in my en suite bathroom, but oh, that color!
Here is the box. Just the right weight, color, price, etc.
  Here is the scale in the bathroom:
But wait. "What's wrong with that you ask?"
This is what it promised. I haven't weighed that since I was a bride!
And NO, I'm not going to show you what it says when I stand on it. I'll just keep looking at the box. I like that better! No truth in advertising, sigh.


Pondside said...

I'll take one of those magic scales, please! I like those numbers.

Sarah said...

Definitely likes those numbers. Those were the good ole days......... ;-)


Yep...I like that scale numbers too! Like Sarah says.."those were the good'ol days, I thought they'll never end"!! Thank you for your sweet and kind visit. I will write you with the honey bread recipe.

Barbara said...

Thanks for visit and comment. Thought you would enjoy seeing Bury St. Edmunds again.
Like your scales. My digital scales have lasted me decades and they are still accurate.


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