Monday, October 22, 2012

Tomatoes for lunch

 Two heirloom tomatoes, one red and one orange.
Both sweet and full of flavor.

 Here are some Cape Gooseberries properly called Physalis.
I've never seen them here in the US, but they were more common in the UK markets. My daughter said the lady in booth selling them called them "pineapple tomatoes". And they do have a sweet flavor rather like pineapple.

 These black beauties are just the thing for my lunch today.
I wish they would last until Halloween. Wouldn't they be perfect?

Sliced with a little French salt - perfect.
When I included some fresh mozzarella, olive oil, and the hearty Swiss rye bread, who could ask for a better lunch.


Sarah said...

I saw goose berries for sale at our local grocery this afternoon. Never tried them. Glad you had a healthy lunch. ;-)

Pondside said...

What a delicious-looking lunch!


My type of lunch, light and yummy! Thanks for your sweet not me. Big hugs,


Oh Priscilla, I came back to tell you that I loved your sweet visit. Very funny in deed about our children "giving us" heirlooms from the, lol..What a shame about your daughter not wanting your antique silver, but who knows, when they get older they get more classic and that's when you start to like your parent's things. My two daughters don't care about my dishes, they have other pretty ones, but for instance, they don't like transferware at all, it looks old fashion to them, lol!! Hubby says..yeah, later they'll be fighting for your stuff..hehehehe
Have a safe week and a Happy Halloween sweetie.


Thank you for your note sweet Priscilla. Big hugs,

Barbara said...

Tasty. Quite a mixture of tomatoes.


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