Sunday, October 07, 2012

I'm so clever...

I was not much of a handyman. I've ever built or repaired things. I was not even sure about changing a light bulb. But that was before I lost my husband almost 20 years ago. Since then I have become more brave, even tackling putting together my new bookcases.
I started with three flatpack boxes of bookcases. I spent the entire morning trying to get the first one to go together. I only had to take it apart once and put the sides right way round. The second and third only took an hour each to put together. With only one smashed finger and several damp hankies, I finally, got them up and installed. I now declare myself an expert!
I did discover a great trick for getting the screws to go into the pre-drilled holes. I got some bamboo skewers and poked them in while the whole thing was on the ground. That made the sides, top, and bottom stand up while I replaced each skewer with a proper screw. Yea me! I felt so clever.
So here is the project:
Bamboo skewers to hold it together temporarily

in place

and filled with books and decorated


Sarah said...

Bravo! The new bookcase looks terrific. I smiled as I read this post. It reminded me of times I had to put together bookcases or cubbies for my classroom. I was a bit challenged! Clever of you to think of using the skewers.......Sarah

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

You *are* brilliant, my friend. Your bookcases look fantastic in your dining room. Kudos to you!!!

Ricki Jill

Adrienne said...

That skewer idea is the best hint I've read in eons!!! Seriously!


Fabulous new book case my friend, you did a terrific job!! Thanks for your visit. Have a great week.


Oh yes, Europeans have always had this bottom freezer type of fridge from way back. We're just getting it around here in Ecuador and many are acquiring them. Hugs,

Barbara said...

Very impressed. You did well.

Enjoyed garage sales when in the States but could not bring things home of course.


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