Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dinner for one

Living alone has made me re-think and adjust m style of cooking. I find that now having to cope with the "Boomer disease", Diabetes, I have even more things to consider when cooking. My garage sale buddy, Mary, and I were discussing this yesterday while scouting for the end-of-season garage sales. She had a large family and always shopped and cooked in large quantities. It is just herself and her husband that she cooks for, now. I, on the other hand have always had a small family. After my husband died I only had one young daughter at home. Now that she has moved away, it is only me that I have to please.
Her is an example of what I feed myself.

I sliced a courgette, added some Trader Joe dried tomatoes in olive oil, a little dried basil and salt.
I slipped it in my toaster oven to bake.

While the vegetables baked, I boiled some corn pasta.

I love this corn pasta from Romania.
  It has the taste of polenta and has quite a low Glycemic Index. I have found that by watching the Glycemic Load I have great control of my blood sugar and have continue to maintain my weight more easily. If you haven't been aware of the nutrition facts concerning this important part of your diet, here is a good place to start learning. Self Nutrition Data

Dinner for one


Pondside said...

I like the look of your dinner very much. I've been trying to watch the GI as I cook because my mother had developed diabetes in old age - something I'd like to avoid. I'll have to try the corn pasta - it sounds good.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

This looks delicious! How I miss my toaster oven :)

Barbara said...

Another very easy and tasty deal with courgettes.
Slice down middle long ways. Spread with Pesto Sauce and grill.


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