Thursday, August 09, 2012

The colors on this old chocolate pot reminded me of the sunset from a couple of night ago. It had been so unusually hot here for several days. On that evening a lovely cool breeze came in from Canada and provided a delightful respite, and it has lasted for several more days.
I used this lovely old iridescent pot to display the beautiful hydrangeas my friend, Mary, brought for me from her daughter-in-law's garden. Even the flowers were in the same hues as both the pot, and the sunset!
Thank you Mary.


Mary said...

I am so glad I had the opportunity to cut the hydrangeas and get them to you. I'm also enjoying mine. They are drying up in beautiful shades.
you are most welcome Priscilla!

Sarah said...

Beautiful mimic of the sunset sky. And a lovely gift from your friend. Hydrangeas from one's garden ~ what a treat!

Barbara said...

Certainly far too hot for me in your area just now. Hope it cools down soon. I love skies.


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