Wednesday, June 06, 2012


In 2008 while teaching Jr. High at a small private school, I accompanied the two 8th grade students to France for their graduation trip. We enjoyed a bit of sightseeing in Paris and visits to my friends and family. The girls enjoyed a visit to the school of my friend's granddaughter. After that we headed north to Rouen for more visiting family, with side trips to all the usual places. Giverny, Les Andeleys to see Richard I's Chateau Gaillard, the Shrine of Jeanne D'Arc, etc.
After leaving Rouen we headed West to tour the D-Day beaches. We were fortunate to stay at the same hotel as the head of all American Cemeteries in Europe. He was a wealth of information and made our visits to several of the sites a more edifying experience.

We especially enjoyed seeing the memorial at Point du Hoc, with the inscription and dedication by President Ronald Reagan.
Pointe Du Hoc is situated between Utah Beach to the west, and Omaha Beach to the east.

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