Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter citrus

Playing around with Picnik before it goes away. I really like the glass-like frames. I picked up these citrus fruits at Whole Foods, today. The larger fruit are a cross of orange and kumquat, and the smaller ones are a cross of mandarin and kumquat. The lovely sweet skin is delicious to nibble, and the very sour flesh is good in tea or on fish - anywhere you'd use lemon or lime, but with a definite orange-y taste. 

Playing with Picnik again.


Sarah said...

Love this season of citrus. We've been enjoying grapefruit. I, too, will miss Picnik. ~ Sarah

Priscilla said...

I love grapefruit, but can't eat much of it due to the fact it interferes with a prescription I take. Once in a while, I treat my self to a couple of sections. I was told that a small amount wouldn't hurt much.


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