Sunday, January 01, 2012


A grace gift is a gift given without reservations. A gift with no strings or conditions. A gift that is neither earned or necessarily deserved. In Christianity this is the way God gives His gifts to us. In our own lives are we able to give this grace way? When we gave gifts at Christmas, last week, were we able to give each gift with grace? With the understanding that it was no longer ours, but it belonged wholly to the recipient? It is sometimes hard to do. We might find it hard to accept the fact it is not being used for or how we intended. But shouldn't we step back, let go, and remember we gave the gift in a grace way? I hope I can always remember this and give and live gracefully.


Pondside said...

Another of my favorite bloggers has written about grace today. My mum taught me the importance of praying for the gift of grace. Such a lovely post.

lisashus said...

Thank´s for visiting my blog! You asked about "red day". It´s holiday and a red day in the calender!


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