Monday, December 05, 2011

St. Nicholas Eve

Today is the eve of St. Nicholas Day. In many European countries shoes are left on the doorstep for St. Nicholas, or Samichlaus (pronounced Samy' clous) as he is known in Switzerland.

In Zug where my daughter lived, he would come to shore in a boat, with his helper, Schmutzli (pronounced Shmoo'-tsa-lee). The children and adults would accompany him through the city, carrying large lanterns shape like bishops miters, lit inside by candles. The light shines through intricate designs made of colored paper. So beautiful to see. 
Because I arrived closer to the 25th, I missed this tradition, the year I spent Christmas with my daughter.


Sarah said...

Lovely post! Each year when I was in the classroom, I would share the holiday customs of other countries. It was great fun for the little ones to act out some of these traditions. Thanks for sharing these images.

Pondside said...

Our shoes are on the veranda tonight. Our years living within sight of the Dutch border sent us home with some lovely traditions and this is one of them. Everyone gets a book and a chocolate, in our family twist on the Dutch tradition.

Marlis said...

Loved this.. so fun to learn about different customs.. thanks for dropping in.. xo marlis


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