Sunday, December 18, 2011

Advent 4

On this 4th Sunday in Advent, I wanted to show you my daughter's flat and her Christmas decorations.
First is this panorama shot of the whole room.
This is her chandelier that she has decorated with ornaments, glass flower containers, and crystals  

Here are her paperwhites ready to bloom for Christmas

Here are her two trees one with the lamp lit, and one with only the lights on the trees. My daughters and I will all have Christmas dinner together, at her flat this year. It is her first American apartment, and she is justifiably proud of it - as am I. It is right in the heart of the "Nob Hill/23rd Ave" section of Portland. It's small, but in an old building with hardwood floors and wonderful architectural features not found in modern buildings in the suburbs. There are great cafes and shopping down on 23rd.
She has had such fun decorating it. She admires Scandinavian decor and has kept everything simple and clean. Her basic color scheme is grey, black and white. She adds pops of color with the seasons. She had dark yellow last summer, when she first moved in. She added gold, orange, bittersweet and red for autumn. Now she has concentrated on red as the only accent color for Christmas. I hear that after Valentines, she plans to try a deep pink and lime green scheme to go with her basic greys.
Here a few more views from earlier this year:
Late Summer


Pondside said...

How lovely to be able to visit your grown daughter in her first nest. She has quite a sense of style, but the look of it!

Sarah said...

Lovely flat! Thanks for sharing your daughter's charming apartment. What fun to celebrate Christmas here with your girls.
Happy Holidays! ~ Sarah

Adrienne said...

I love hardwood floors! Lovely apartment for your lovely daughter...


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