Monday, November 28, 2011

HooDoo? VooDoo!

Last week was my daughter's anniversary. Her husband is in Southern California taking care of his mother who is recuperating from surgery. She has been understandably sad this week. One of her favorite treats is a doughnut. Polly stopped on her way to dinner at my house and picked up  a "Bucket O' Doughnuts" from the world famous "Voodoo Doughnut" to cheer her up. What a good sister.

You might have seen Anthony Bordain pronounce their Maple Bacon Bars worthy of of seconds, or the cameo appearance on the new TV show being filmed here in Portland, called Grimm.

While Polly was waiting in line, the couple behind her said they had come from New Jersey and had driven through Portland on their way to Seattle, just so they could go to Voodoo Doughnut. Yes, it is that famous. 
 For $5 you can get a huge frosting bucket filled to the brim with all the leftovers from the first batch of the morning. They change every few hours with all fresh doughnuts. If you stop in at just the right time, you win!!

Voodoo has teamed up with Rogue Breweries to produce a Bacon Maple Ale. We tasted it last Thursday, Thanksgiving. Interesting...
Portland has some of the best breweries in the US. The wine is world famous. There are several distilleries producing some very fine gin, vodka, and other liquors and brandies. It's a foodies paradise, too. So many local kinds of produce and meat are used in great restaurants. Portland's reputation as a city of gourmets is well deserved.

Distillery Row in Sunset Magazine

Sunset Magazine pitted Seattle and Portland against each other in a foodie (and drinkie) showdown. Portland handily smacked down Seattle in the booze and caffeine category.


Pondside said...

There are often articles in our paper about the food scene in Portland - it's well-known! Some day I'd like to get down there when the markets are open, just to get a taste.

Mari @ Once Upon a Plate said...

Hello!! I'm so happy to have found your blog (thank you for following & posting on my humble blog, OUaP.)

I look forward to following my newly found neighbor to the north! Peace, joy and thank you for sharing your creativity! ((hugs)) ~ m.

PS. I have yet to sink my teeth into a VooDoo doughnut, but it is on my bucket list. ;)

peggy said...

I love donuts! And Bacon Maple Beer. (I think I am turning into Homer Simpson....Doh!)


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