Thursday, June 09, 2011

Windows of Switzerland

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. So it is with the windows of the house. They are a hint of the interior of the house.
The traditional mountain houses of Switzerland are beautiful. They display the skil of the carpenter's and joiner's craft. Each house is unique made with love, designed especially for the family that has lived there generation after generation. They are almost never sold to outsiders.

My favorite

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joining Cindy


Adrienne said...

I'm tipsy with joy. I LOVE window pictures.

LaPouyette said...

Great post! Love any kind of old windows!
Being German all these images make me a bit 'homesick', although I'm living in the most beautiful part of France, the Périgord, where we're surrounded of old historical houses!

But these windows remind me on my time in South Germany.
Best wishes for a sunny weekend,

Sarah said...

What an amazing collection of photos of windows. Windows, doors, gates ~ they all fascinate me. thanks for sharing this post. Love the pair of pot posts on either side of that door. ~ Sarah

Leslie said...

I would love to be looking out of any one of those windows. thanks for taking up on the tour. : )

Barbara said...

Love all the different windows and doors that you have captured here.

Brings back great memories of visits to Switzerland.


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