Tuesday, April 05, 2011

More brown Easter Eggs

When we lived in England I couldn't find white hen's eggs. One day before Easter we found duck eggs at the Wednesday in Sudbury. I was so happy to have white eggs to paint for Easter. When I got home I started to put them in our fridge and dropped them on the floor and they ALL broke. I was so unhappy. So, what was there to do but decorate brown eggs. I had never tried that before. I rather liked them and managed to use a few brown eggs almost every year since. When my youngest daughter, Polly, was very little, she loved to eat soft boiled eggs every morning for breakfast. We shopped at our local farmer's market. Her favorite stall was the "egg man". He used to save double-yolked eggs for her. Boy, did she like those.

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Sarah said...

The variety and creativity with your eggs just goes on and on. I'm partial to brown eggs. In fact I have a group of just plain brown eggs, with a green one or two tossed in, on my dining room buffet. I used burlap as a base, added some rabbits and these blown out eggs. I love the look. My hand painted eggs are on a silver tray on my dining table. I'll share photos soon.
Thanks for sharing all this beauty. ~ Sarah


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