Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The snow is not too common here in Portland. Some years we have several snow events. Some years, nothing. I thought this year when most of the Northern Hemisphere was blanketed with snow, we had almost none. Now today - a beautiful, quiet, lovely snow.

  After the snow, Sunshine                                                                               After the Sunshine, Hail
Now the Weatherman is predicting more snow tonight.

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september cottage said...

HI Priscilla!

Thank you for visiting my blog :) - I live not far from Lavenham (I am in Bideston) -and yes, isn't it a wonderful place!? For some strange reason I don't go over there very often - I seem to reserve my visits for special occasions or treats - every time I do go I think to myself "I could live her".... I can imagine that you loved it!!!!

And I, I LOVE your little snow clip! WE don't get proper snow here...and if we do gat any, chaos breaks out... SO I enjoyed your post very much!

Kind regards



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