Friday, January 28, 2011

Radish Soup

When our friend Mimi (who lives near Paris) was visiting, she made us a soup with the tops of a bunch of radishes. Not kidding! Radish tops. Weird, eh? Well, it worked. I have made it again and wanted to share with you.

Roughly chop 3 or 4 potatoes into a pot of water to cover. Cook until tender. These leaves can be muddy or sandy, so carefully wash  and chop the green tops of a bunch of radishes. Add to the simmering potatoes. Continue cooking until they become tender. Using a submerging hand blender or a stand blender, blend until smooth.

Season with salt to taste (French sea salt, naturally) and serve.

This is a soup from Mimi's childhood. It seems that she really likes it. Well, who am I to criticize something that undoubtedly helped the French survive WWII.

 But, thankfully, we have lovely supermarkets with every kind of delicacies.  We have any kind of meat, vegetables and fruit, spices and herbs, cereals and grains, local and imported specialties.
How often do we stop to think how fortunate we are to live in a world where we have so much bounty.
Tidy Mom

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