Monday, April 13, 2009

Plug Your Ears and go to a La Cross game

When I downloaded the pictures from yesterday, I found that I had forgotten about the pictures I took at the LumberJax La Cross game that Polly took me to a couple of weeks ago. It was fun. The crowd was very enthusiastic, clean, and decent looking. Many families.
My only problem was the excruciatingly loud noise! There were loudspeakers which were continually blasting songs, shouting announcers, drumming and blasting sounds. It was painful. It was so loud I could feel it in my chest! It was so loud I stuffed Kleenex in my ears. I usually take ear plugs to the movies because they are so loud, these days. I didn't think to take them to this. When did they start playing drumming accompaniment to sports events. I remember a few organ "charges" at the baseball games and the traditional seventh inning stretch singing of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" - but full on rock and roll and constant drumming? BAD
Even so, it was a loads of fun. If I ever go again, I'll be sure to take my earplugs.
Polly's Canadian friend (they met in Switzerland) has a good friend who is on the Portland LumberJax La Cross Team. He always leaves tickets for her at the box office. As many she wants. Most of the team are Canadian and most of them are barely out of their teens. They are really amazing athletes. It must take tremendous stamina to run those distances. They whack each other with those sticks and while there were no fights when I was there, I understand there are usually a few. Very exciting!

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