Friday, April 24, 2009

My new kitchen toy

My new Foley Food Mill
When Polly left for Switzerland a few years ago, I moved to a smaller place and got rid of lots of things I thought I could do without. Well, I have missed lots of those things, including my food mill. I admit I don't cook as much as I used to, naturally. But when I do cook, I miss the tools to do it right. A couple of weeks ago I came across an "almost-new" Foley Food Mill at the Goodwill store for $2. (one of my favorite places for finding treasures - my other is garage sales)
Earlier this week I cooked up a pot of potatoes and made mashed potatoes. They were so good. Polly adds cream cheese with the butter. It really makes them rich and delicious.
My e-buddy,Michelle of "Mickle's Pickle" in New  Zealand, wrote on her blog that she had received a potato ricer from her father as a surprise gift and it reminded me of my "find".
By the way, we had a pretty good frost over-night. I woke to the roofs and grass covered with the white frost. I'm glad I didn't plant all the new plants I'm planning. I have to replace most of my plants which were lost this particularly hard winter. I live on th 3rd floor and my balcony doesn't have a cover or roof. I am open to the elements and it froze all of my tender plants. My rose is fine and sending out shoots, my bulbs bloomed and have been beautiful, but most every thing else is a loss.

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