Thursday, January 22, 2009

 Polly's new Blackberry
not that kind
this is the one! 
Polly's phone, which she uses for e-mail was not performing properly as of late. She couldn't get a signal anymore. Her phone, sitting next to mine would have one, or even no bars - and mine would be full bars. So she whined at the T-mobile people and they sent her a new phone. 
On her new phone she can get all features of internet. When you think about it it is quite amazing that you can be connected to the internet and have all the knowledge of the world at your fingertips - Anywhere
Remember when we thought old Dick was just fiction?  Now here is t is in real life - today!
It is only $6 more a month, but  she will save on sms charges. Her overseas sms's are 15¢ extra. So in the end she will save money. Yea!

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