Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today was project day. We have had several small projects waiting. Since we were snowed in again we decided it was  a good time to get busy and get these things out of the way.
First, I put up a new shelf over my stove. I'll place dinner plates there to warm while cooking. It will be a great place to set a finished dish to keep warm while while the others finish cooking. I bought it at Ikea. It was pretty  easy to put up. I had bought some screws that had plastic jackets, but Scott, my son-in-law said I needed those exploding ones. I took the first set back to Home Depot and got special ones for drywall. I marked the wall and used the electric screw driver (which was a gift from Leland and Pat) to attach it. Next, I hammered in dressmaker pins for the horse brasses. I have used pins for nails for years. It sounds funny, but you'd be surprised how much weight they will carry.

We had purchased smaller bolts/screws to use with a curtain rod I bought for the newdrapes. We found these brand new, beautiful brown silk drapes from Pottery Barn at a garage sale. The new lampshade works so well with them. The brown piping matches perfectly. I'm so happy with the results.
Now I can sit back and enjoy looking at the pretty scene. The snow has stopped and is melting but there is still some on the porch.

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