Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Wolley's Home on Flathead Lake, Montana

We arrived in Montana at 10 pm. We slept in the next morning. I got up first, made a pot of tea and brought it up to the “sunset room” to watch the dawn over the lake. It is just the most wonderful way to start the day.

Pat’s house is so beautiful. She has such a unique talent. Her houses, and other buildings she has decorated, always reflect the area or the personality of the residents. Here in cowboy country she has used Indian blankets, leather, tin, antlers, antiques. It fits perfectly in the setting. The style is ranch, but the look is opulence.

The front porch
The entry and front stairs
The back stairs from the kitchen to the Sunset room  
the Sunset room 
The power room off the entry
The breakfast room
The Kitchen fireplace 
The dining room 
The living room

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