Saturday, October 25, 2008

All Torn Up

The work crews arrived early (7am) to begin replacing the siding on our building. They first had to pull off all the old siding. Then they had to refit the doors with new surroundings since they hadn't been fitted properly when the place was originally built. The wood deck was molding and rotting from water seeping down and not draining properly. This work took several days to complete. While they were working on the siding, they draped heavy plastic over all the windows and the outside doors.
We had to move everything away from the walls. We have so many plants and outdoor furniture that it is quite a mess out there as we wait for the work to be completed. 
When they first put up the plastic we were at the HQ office. When we got home it was dark. The next morning I opened the back door and this crowbar fell into my living room with a thud. Someone had leaned it up against the door and then covered it with the plastic. I took it to the office and was rather perturbed when one of the women who work in there was snippy and told me I shouldn't have opened the door! We had a bit of an exchange and I took the crowbar and walked out saying I would return when the manager was back. I did, and she was very nice, as usual, and very apologetic assuring me she would let the  construction company know. It wasn't but about an hour before the crew manager called me to apologize and  next morning arrived at my front door with a pretty house plant.  The crew came in, did their work, were courteous, quick, and efficient. They cleaned up their mess, and I gave them hot cookies that I had just baked.
The walls have been prepared with new wall boards and Tyvec. Now all that remains to be done is to replace the siding. I hope it is done soon. (they say by the end of the week) I'm tired of the mess!

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