Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today I had an e-mail from my friend, Mimi. We have know each other since we met at a wedding of a mutual friend, in 1994. She is such a delightful lady. Kind, considerate, funny and dear. 
When this picture was snapped, we were riding on a bus in her town, Bry Sur Marne (France). She kindly showed us all around the old part of town, more like a village, really. Very picturesque and charming. We met the shop keepers, and looked at all the historical places. It was such fun. Then she took us back to her house for a delicious meal. 
Several years ago, she came to visit me with her granddaughter. Our mutual friends, the Wolleys were with her, as well as their daughter and grandson. It was a jolly party. Last summer Mimi's granddaughter, Julie came for several weeks in the summer. We traveled to Montana, where the Wolleys live, and spent the 4th of July with them and thier extensive family. It was a great event.
I hope it won't be too long until we can all be together again.

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