Sunday, August 17, 2008

India Independence Day

One of Polly's students was dancing in the  India Independence Day celebrating in down town Portland, today. Polly, Peggy and I went to see her. She was adorable. She has danced at our school last year. Her mother sings and teaches Indian singing. After her preformance, we hit the food stands and had lovely Indian food. We learned to eat Indian food when we lived in England. It is so popular there. We have a very large Indian population here in Portland, due to the electronics/computer industry (Intel, Tectronics, etc,). Our school is going to be about half Indian next year. They appreciate quality education, and are willing to pay for it.
Waiting for Vapanchi's dance. Polly holding her little brother.

Vapanchi dancing

Vapanchi and Polly


Another dancer.
We had a wonderful time.

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